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Photo Galleries of Example Projects

We have incorporated a number of finished projects into photo galleries, so you can see first hand the quality and attention to detail that Eaton Construction Services incorporates into each job.

Custom Kitchen Remodel

An extensive photo gallery of a custom kitchen remodel project with before-after views, construction photos, and 3D rendered views from the design software.  The 3D rendered views were utilized by the customer to decide on final cabinet and wall design, as well as wall covering and paint.

Photo Gallery

Rustic Kitchen Remodel with Alder Cabinetry

This gorgeous kitchen remodel prominently features cabinetry of rustic alder, as well as new built-in appliances and granite countertops.

Photo Gallery

Sample Boat Dock Projects

A series of photographs of sample boat dock projects, in and around the Marble Falls area.

Photo Gallery

Custom Kitchen Copperwork

A custom copper vent system for a kitchen remodel.

Photo Gallery

Sample Custom Home Projects

A photo gallery of a number of custom home projects in and around the Marble Falls area.

Photo Gallery

Garage Remodel - Before and After

A photo gallery of a garage remodel project, with before and after photos

Photo Gallery

Bar and Game Room Remodel

A photo gallery of a bar and game room remodel project.

Photo Gallery

Custom Residence near Buchanan Dam

A  photo gallery of a custom residence constructed near Buchanan Dam, Texas.  Native stone exterior and interior, with custom built timber truss work and wood paneled ceilings.

Photo Gallery


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